BUILDING FUTURES: Pathways to Trades for Women

March 31, 2021 | Course, Events, Jobseekers, Skills


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Tradeswomen Australia Community Foundation believe that women should be able to participate in the career of their  choice. We also know that there are some great career options in the trades industry, so we want to break down barriers help women get into the sector.

About the program
Building Futures: Pathways to Trades is a series of 4 FREE workshops supporting women living in or near the Wyndham area into jobs and further relevant training in the Trades industry.

Participants will:

    • See a variety of roles in Trades and meet the women that occupy them.
    • Develop supportive relationships with peers and a mentor.
    • Be connected to training and job opportunities within the Trade industry.

Accessibility is our priority
We appreciate that there may be some barriers to attending the course, so we want to remove those wherever we can. Some barriers that we are removing include:

    • Taking care of childcare so that you can bring your children to the workshops where they will be looked after by our event nannies.
    • Reimbursing travel to the venue if you need it.
    • Providing tablets and a secure WiFi connection to do the homework after the session.

We might not have thought of all of the barriers that people experience, so please get in touch if you have a barrier to accessing the course that we can help with.

When and Where
The workshops will be held at Victoria University’s Werribee Campus on:

    • Saturday 24 April 2021
    • Saturday 8 May 2021
    • Saturday 22 May 2021
    • Saturday 5 June 2021

The workshops run at 9am – 12pm OR 1pm – 4pm.You can choose which time slot you would prefer.

What will you do in each workshop?

Workshop 1

    • Meet your peers, learn about their stories and share your own.
    • Learn about resilience in a workplace context.

Workshop 2

    • Try a Trade! Pick up the tools and give it a go with different businesses.
    • Use key skills, such as communication and teamwork, to solve problems that arise in all workplaces, including trades.

Workshop 3

    • Bust myths and stereotypes around the kinds of women that work in trades.
    • Hear from businesses about what they’re doing to make their workplaces more inclusive to support and retain women.

Workshop 4

    • Take your next step with help from the experts at Mas National.
    • Practice applying for roles, mock interviews, and perfect your resume.
    • Grow in confidence and make a more informed decision about your future!


By participating in the Building Futures: Pathways to Trades program, you are eligible to be matched to a mentor. We are running mentoring because we know that the program is brief with only 4 workshops, so the mentoring is designed to complement this.

Your structured mentoring relationship will last for 1 year and will help coach you through your next steps, whatever they may be. After a year, you can decide whether you want to continue.

Your mentor will be a woman working in the trades industry, and she will be able to share advice relating to your professional development.



What does it cost?
Building Futures: Pathways to Trades is completely free to join. This is because the program is generously funded by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Victoria University, and Wyndham City Council.

How much time does it take?
Building Futures: Pathways to Trades is a short course. It consists of 4 3-hour workshops, delivered on Saturdays over a period of 8 weeks. The time commitment is a total of 12 hours.

Do I have to go into the trades industry at the end?
No! We understand that not everyone will finish the course wanting to get a job in the trades industry, but we hope that you will leave feeling more confident about what your next step might be.

What happens after the course?
We are not a recruitment company, but we do work with employers to find pathways for you at the end of the course, such as jobs and alternative training. We will work with you to understand what is right for you.

Do I need any prior training?
No! You do not need any prior training or experience in trades careers. All you need is an interest in learning more – after all, you don’t know what you don’t know!

I have a barrier that you haven’t mentioned. Can you help?
Yes! Please get in touch with Katie so that we can discuss how we can help you overcome this barrier to joining the course.