Supporting Women to Learn New Skills and Find Employment

October 8, 2020 | Fact Sheet, Recent News

Placement Circle Pilot Program

Research shows that women are increasingly at risk of homelessness and financial hardship as they get older. Women from diverse backgrounds, especially those in the 25-65 age bracket are often excluded from the workforce due to caring responsibilities, time out of the workforce and being unable to find suitable work for their existing skills.

Here at The Placement Circle, we know that these amazing women have a lot to offer a workplace and we want to help them find meaningful work that allows them to use their unique skills and experience.

The Placement Circle is working with women to help them gain vocational qualifications, meaningful employment, linking them to financial literacy training and create a supportive community of women.

We’re doing this by establishing a pilot program that links communities of peer supported women to vocational based training at TAFE and a place based employer.

How Can The Placement Circle Help Me?

If you meet the eligibility criterial and enrol in The Placement Circle pilot program, you’ll be supported with more than just a qualification.

The Placement Circle program helps you succeed by providing peer support as you study.

Together with your course provider, we give you:

    • Subsided vocational training
    • Study skills and academic support
    • A peer supported program where you can connect and get support from women just like you
    • Female only classes
    • Clinical placement in real workplaces, with genuine employment opportunities
    • Local study and placements in your area

Contact the Skills & Jobs Centre to find out if you are eligible for this program