Our centres should be your first port-of-call when you are looking to enter the workforce, start training, re-skill, or for employers to meet their workforce needs.

There are centres set up at Sunshine and Footscray.

The centres can be a starting point for:

  • Prospective students looking to begin training
  • Workers needing to reskill
  • Unemployed workers needing support for retraining and work placement
  • Employers looking to upskill their workforce or assist with vacancies

Our Services

Our centres provide access to a number of services including:

  • Resume preparation
  • Interview techniques
  • Career counselling
  • Training/upskilling advice
  • Job opportunities
  • Referrals to other community services
  • Tailored workshops

There are no eligibility requirements for our services.

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Our Clients

Our Skills and Jobs Centres work with a variety of clients, including:

  • Unemployed youth
  • Retrenched workers
  • Long term unemployed
  • Career changers
  • Apprentices
  • Parents returning to work
  • Local businesses
  • Industry
  • Prospective Students


Our small dedicated team are here to help you navigate your career journey, whether you are starting out or looking for a career change.

  • Kelly Gluyas

    Kelly Gluyas


    Kelly has worked within the VET sector for 10 years building great relationships with Secondary Schools, Industry, Local employers and Community Groups.

    She successfully launched and managed the Skills and Jobs Centres within VU Polytechnic at Sunshine and Footscray, which are funded by the State Government to provide assistance to people looking to enter education, employment or looking to re-skill or re-train.  A major achievement for Kelly was working with the Toyota Supply Chain companies to assist with transitioning their workers facing redundancy into new employment or training outcomes.

    Kelly works with many employers across the Western Suburbs who are expanding their businesses and looking at staffing options, whether this is recruiting and training new staff or training existing staff.

    Kelly also manages the VET Delivered to Secondary Students programs within VU Polytechnic.

  • Catherine Oldham

    Catherine Oldham


    Catherine is a qualified Career Development Practitioner and Secondary Teacher with over 20 years experience.

    She has helped hundreds of individuals by providing personalised career counselling services, allowing people to identify and pursue satisfying careers, manage successful career transitions and take advantage of new opportunities. In addition, Catherine has developed and delivered many innovative Career Education programs to culturally-diverse groups, including school students, disengaged youth, transitioning or retrenched workers and the long-term unemployed. These workshops cover a variety of topics including career management, job search, resume writing, interview skills, networking, resilience and work-life balance and the exploration of future pathway options.

    Catherine brings to her work a commitment to career education and development, a willingness to work collaboratively with others and a strong desire for quality outcomes.

    Located in the heart of Footscray, she has developed strong professional networks with other service providers such as The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Yarraville Community Centre, Co-Health Women’s Services and Maribyrnong Youth Services to ensure a thorough provision of services via the Skills and Jobs Centre.

  • Jess O'Connor

    Jess O'Connor


    Jess, a major contributor in assisting the transition of hundreds of retrenched automotive employees into fulfilling careers.

    With a background in recruitment and experience in community development, Jess is committed to helping employers meet staffing requirements, and providing satisfactory support for the various needs of our diverse clientele.

    Jess is also our behind the scenes girl, ensuring the team is well aligned with the department’s requirements. Currently Jess is engaged in supporting training providers and the many individuals seeking to enter Victoria’s booming Civil Construction industry.

  • Van Doan

    Van Doan


    Van is passionate about helping others identify their unique strengths and achieve rewarding careers.

    She works with clients to develop goals, identify their strengths and interests, and assists clients in developing pathways to help them achieve their goals. She takes on a holistic approach to career development and takes into account the whole person, their values, and core needs.

    She comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in assisting clients at various stages of their lives including those wanting to transition to new careers, migrants, refugees, the disadvantaged, ex-offenders, youth, retrenched workers, and mothers returning to work.

    With a background in helping clients with a disability find suitable employment, Van uses a strengths based approach to help clients achieve sustainable outcomes.

    Van also assists her clients gain employment by assisting with resume preparation, interview coaching, job search techniques as well as referring clients to suitable vacancies through our industry connections.

Woman in a hard hat on a building site

“With assistance from the Skills & Jobs Centre my client was given the details of a vacancy for an apprenticeship with a new employer. With our joint-support he was successful in re-commencing his apprenticeship.”

Kylie Bell - VU Polytechnic Apprenticeship Support Officer