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Engaging with Industry: ‘Employable You’

October 3, 2022 | Jobseekers, Recent News, Uncategorised

‘The strength of the Skills & Jobs Centre lies not only in its attendance to individual client needs, but also in strong partnerships with community and local industry, linking training and skills development to relevant employment opportunities and local economy growth.’

Local job seekers looking to enhance their employment options were invited to attend the ‘Employable You’ Jobs Fair in Footscray on Wednesday, 14th September 2022.

Hosted by VU Polytechnic’s Skills and Jobs Centre in Footscray at the ‘New Footscray Hospital Jobs Hub’ and organised by Matchworks, this free event for 300+ registered jobseekers provided an exclusive opportunity for individuals to connect with local job opportunities, apprenticeships and training. Such events support the expansion of local business and the economic independence of local residents, thus the Skills and Jobs Centre is perfectly-placed to assist.

35 exhibitors from a wide range of industries including healthcare, building & construction, hospitality, community services, manufacturing and logistics were present at the event, allowing attendees access to a variety of employment and training opportunities. Skills and Jobs Centre services were also offered to any attendees who felt they needed additional support to become ‘job ready’.

The Western suburbs of Melbourne contains some the fastest growing municipalities in the country and has seen a huge surge in residents and business growth. The ‘Employable You’ event delivered an incredible opportunity for local residents of all ages and abilities to connect with industry professionals and discover employment and training opportunities in the region, many also tapping into mentoring and support from the Skills and Jobs Centre to build on their skills and confidence.

Also onsite at this event were staff from Apprenticeships Victoria and the Multiplex Connectivity Centre to provide information and resources around apprenticeship and employment opportunities with the New Footscray Hospital development. Multiple attendees signed up on-the-spot for assistance from the Skills and Jobs Centre to apply for these unique opportunities with ‘Victoria’s Big Build’.

Skills and Jobs Centre and Apprenticeships Victoria staff provide information about apprenticeship opportunities with Victoria s Big Build projects.

Eager jobseekers view the Matchworks Jobs Board,
advertising the numerous employment opportunities available at the Employable You event.

For further information on how to access Skills and Jobs Centre services, including employment opportunities, individual career counselling and online workshops visit: