Working with Industry: Assistance for Workers Facing Redundancy

July 9, 2021 | Case Studies, Jobseekers, Recent News

‘The strength of the VU Polytechnic Skills & Jobs Centre lies in its strong  partnerships with community and local industry, linking training and skills development to employment and local economy growth.’

 The clients of the Skills & Jobs Centre face many barriers when it comes to securing employment. One such group is those who are facing redundancy. ExxonMobil’s business in Australia covers a wide range of petroleum related activities from oil and gas exploration and production to petroleum refining and supply of fuels and lubricants. In September 2020, following an extensive review of the company’s current and future project work, a redundancy program commenced. Employees facing redundancy are being provided with company support, including outplacement services. In addition to this, the DESE provides information and support for those facing redundancy and, in the case of the ExxonMobil refinery based in Altona, invited the VU Polytechnic Skills & Jobs Centre to present information on services and register interest at a number of information sessions held during June and July 2021 for up to 140 employees.

Those facing redundancy at ExxonMobil fall into several categories of specialisation:

  • Technicians: Instrument /Electrical / Analyser /Mechanical
  • Process Operators: Console and Field

As these roles are highly-specialised and industry-specific, it has been imperative for Skills & Jobs Centre advisors to become familiar with the skills, experiences and qualifications involved in order to better-understand client needs and assess transferable skills.

 In doing so, Skills & Jobs Centre advisors have been able to:

  • Develop generic resume templates/samples
  • Generate effective, tailored cover letters
  • Assess clients’ transferable skills
  • Identify other industries where individuals can apply their existing skills and qualifications

Approach potential employers to seek new employment opportunities.

‘The experience of the VU Polytechnic Skills and Jobs Centre demonstrates the great benefit that comes from developing collaborative relationships with local industry to inform training and enhance future career options.’

 As at July 2021, the VU Polytechnic Skills & Jobs Centre has engaged with 24 of these individuals to provide assistance with resume development, identification of transferable skills, job seeking guidance, interview preparation and education/training advice. Assistance will continue to be provided to these individuals and others as they endeavour to find new employment and/or seek advice around further education and training.

 Your presentation gave me food for thought & reinforced the need to get on the front foot. Not sure about a total pivot but believe I have skills that will transfer into some of the big infrastructure projects underway currently. I look forward to speaking with you further
about my prospects.
” – NICK

We meet a few weeks ago, here at ExxonMobil Altona. Thanks for coming in, it was great meeting with you- I feel so much more positive about my future career now.” – ALAN